LED Bulb

We are selling led bulb that are for your house


The Up & Up general purpose 15-Watt LED bulb replaces your standard 100-Watt , while saving you 10.20 in energy costs per year (when using 3hrs/day) and offering an instant on full brightness even in subzero temperatures. Our sleek design is ideal for use in wall sconces, table and floor lamps, open pendant or ceiling fixtures. This LED has a lifetime of 10 years which reduces the hassle of frequent replacement. This LED produces soft comfortable light and its durable design is completely mercury free and safe for both the environment and your home. This LED emits lumens of soft white light.

BRIGHTEST – Giving you 1600 lumens of crisp, quality lighting that is perfect for any atmosphere and brighter than your standard light bulb. Provide more light to your floor lamps, ceiling fans, chandeliers, kitchen, patio, living room, sconces, post lamps, porch, pendant fixtures, office, or any space for brighter home lighting.

DIMMABLE – Control the brightness of your indoor and outdoor lighting with the ability to reduce from 100-10% lighting output. Set your dimmable LED light bulbs according to your mood and take delight in a pleasant atmosphere every time.

SAVE ENERGY – Lower your electricity usage by 85% when you replace your 100 watt incandescent light bulb with a 15 watt LED bulb. Immediately trim down the cost of your electricity bill by making the investment into energy saving LED light bulbs.

CONTINUOUS LIGHT – Built with an astounding 25,000 hours of lifetime which means no replacement will be needed for the next 22 years. Each e26 LED bulb lasts 10x longer than traditional 100W bulbs.


  • LED bulb replaces your standard 100-Watt
  • This LED has a lifetime of 10 years which reduces the hassle of frequent replacement.

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